Traffic Battery Backup Systems

Myers Power Products Traffic Battery Backup System provides leading-edge technology combined with extensive ease-of-use features. Based upon the latest in UPS/battery backup systems design, the Traffic Battery Backup System offers a highly robust platform and up to 2000 VA of backup wattage. Myers incorporates these high-capacity, high reliability battery systems into a solution designed specifically for traffic applications, adding the advanced logging and programming, information access, and real-time status reporting features that support remote monitoring and fully programmable dry contacts that enable interconnection with other devices. 

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Traffic Battery Backup Systems

The Myers Power Products Traffic UPS System is a complete solution for backup power for traffic signal equipment. It is comprised of a battery back-up system, power transfer switch, and maintenance-free batteries housed in an outdoor-rated enclosure. The Traffic UPS ensures that the traffic signal cabinet is powered continuously by providing backup power and a means of transferring the signals’ electrical load to the backup system if utility power is lost. It allows connection for the normal utility power using standard terminal blocks or generator power via a standard 30 A or 50 A generator receptacle. The optional bypass switch redirects utility power to the load and allows the battery backup system to be removed for service on a temporary or permanent basis without disrupting the operation of the traffic signal. Myers supports our products with testing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, making us the only company you will need for the life of your systems.


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